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Encircling Empire: Report #24—Regime Change

March 16, 2014


In this report, our first for 2014, the reader will find links and article extracts for a selection of some of the very best resources to have been published online, focusing on the topic of regime change, along with an extended essay on Imperialism and Democracy. Here we address the current cases of Venezuela and Ukraine, and […]

Encircling Empire: Report #10, 07—18 January 2011

January 18, 2011


The special focus this week begins with Martin Luther King Jr. and his anti-imperialism in honour of MLK Day on 17 January; then, the uprising in Tunisia, and attempts to colonize it intellectually by positing social media as the leading forces in the rebellion; some noteworthy reports on the current state of the occupation of Afghanistan; and, finally, the occupation of Haiti as seen through the eyes of a top OAS diplomat (minus news of the return of the former dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier).

Encircling Empire: Report #7, 16-21 October 2010

October 21, 2010


In this issue: NGOs say the sooner troops leave Afghanistan, the better; Nation Notes: Afghanistan--NATO murders a detainee; electoral fraud; fake peace talks; arguing for continued occupation; Australia--failure in Afghanistan debated by Parliament; Canada--why it withdraws from combat in Afghanistan; Haiti--the impacts of Bill Clinton and neoliberal dogma; Pakistan--the U.S. sends aid to itself; UK--the costs of junior partnership; US--Ground Zero politics; Wikileaks; Political Activism and the Web; and, Public Anthropology Notes.

Encircling Empire: Report #6, 09-16 October 2010

October 16, 2010


A shorter EE Report for this week, focusing mostly on public calls for withdrawal, and public opposition to the war in Afghanistan in a series of nations with occupation forces in the country. We look at: dissent in the age of Obama; the UN occupation of Haiti; living a life of luxury on U.S. military bases in war zones; Wikileaks and pretexts for war; and, Public Anthropology Notes.