Encircling Empire: Report #25 — Remembering Panama

For frequent updates, please “like” our Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter. “Operation Just Cause” “25 Years after US Invasion of Panama, Death Toll Still Unknown,” TeleSur, December 19, 2014: On December 20, 1989, over 27,000 U.S. soldiers invaded the small Central American country of Panama. The “cruel dictator” the U.S. troops overthrew had been… Read More Encircling Empire: Report #25 — Remembering Panama

Encircling Empire: Report #19—Militainment

Encircling Empire Reports is a selection of essays, blog posts, and news reports covering a given time period, providing links and representative extracts or key passages from each resource, usually focusing on certain countries/continents and/or processes in each report. The focus of the reports ranges from imperialism discussed in broad strokes, to specific facets of… Read More Encircling Empire: Report #19—Militainment

Encircling Empire: Report #3, 18-23 September 2010

We recommend these as the top items of the following report:

Guanaguanare’s “Belize: So The Natives Are ‘Revolting’?”
Adrienne Pine’s “Foreign infiltrators (Paro Cívico, Sept. 7)”
Barry Morris & Andrew Lattas: “Embedded Anthropology and the Intervention”
Sami Ben Gharbia’s “The Internet Freedom Fallacy and Arab Digital Activism”
Tricia Wang’s “The Great Internet Freedom Bluff of Digital Imperialism: Thoughts on Cyber Diplomacy, Cargo Cult Digital Activism… and Haystack”
Gabriella Coleman’s “The Anthropology of Hackers”… Read More Encircling Empire: Report #3, 18-23 September 2010