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Encircling Empire: Report #28 — A Review of 2017

December 28, 2017


In memory of Edward S. Herman b. April 7, 1926, d. November 11, 2017 An inspiration that lives on, may he rest in eternal peace. From provoking potential war with North Korea, to the fabricated US hysteria and fear-mongering about Russia, to the deluge of identity politics, and the escalated neoliberal attacks on democracy, there […]

Encircling Empire: Report #23—Obama’s Scramble for Africa

August 10, 2013


Special thanks for leads and commentary that were useful for this report goes to Crossed Crocodiles, a website devoted to Africa and U.S.-African relations. This report–the last Encircling Empire Report for 2013–is fairly long given that it provides detail on a relatively comprehensive pattern of recent events which, taken together, paint a portrait of what […]

Encircling Empire: Report #1, 03-11 September 2010

September 11, 2010


To summarize, here are the top three essays that we call must reads for this week: “Will Our Generals Ever Shut Up? The Military’s Media Megaphone and the U.S. Global Military Presence.” By Tom Engelhardt. “What America Has Lost: It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.” By Fareed Zakaria. “WikiLeaks: The Global 4th Estate.” By Nozomi Hayase.